Monday, March 7, 2011

Workin' it Out--Michigan Motherhood

I'm a Michigan Mom. What's a Michigan Mom, and why should I care you ask? A Michigan Mom is from the Great Ol' Mitten State, where it's freezing from October to April, rains from May to July, and is mild for August and September. Which leaves approximately 100 days out of 365 for me to get outside. Which is approximately 27.39726% of the year. That's just not conducive to weight loss. Life is hectic, with work, kids, husbands, and maintaining a household, you can always find something else to do instead of workout. Which sadly leaves me looking like this:

As you can see, it's not pretty.

I wish there was a way for me to lose weight in Michigan, because let's face it, moving costs a lot of money. Money that I don't have.

But why not join a gym?
I'm a excercisethatmakesmybuttjiggleonatreadmillinfrontofmajorhottiephobic. Well, not really, but I never have liked the gym. I bought a membership in the past, and went 3 times. And of course I got fatter. I think every woman can agree that you have to find a type of exercise that you can enjoy, or you won't stick to it.

My favorite exercise is actually free. I love to walk and run outside. Love it. But Michigan weather just isn't predictable enough to get a good workout in regularly, well, at least to get in a workout that I actually enjoy. Not to mention I live in an apartment. There aren't any stairs for me to do, and it's too small to really walk around to get exercise in. It's about 5 steps wall to wall. Talk about claustrophobic!

Enter my knight in beautiful brushed metal frame, pulse monitor hand grips, and AeroSoft cushioning system:

The Horizon Fitness T100 Treadmill from!

I could do so many things with this bad boy! There's six workout modes, so that takes up six out of seven days a week! I already have my apartment mapped out as to where I would put it. Right in front of the doorwall, the baby's playpen is going to have to take a back seat to this stellar piece of machinery. I'll feel like I'm running outside, with the climate control of the indoors. The only rain would be my sweat raining down! Not to mention, I won't worry about anyone staring at me and won't need to hire a baby sitter just to get a work out in, that means being able to workout at a moments notice! Who knew a treadmill could do so many things!

This treadmill, would change my life. Here's an interpretation of what I could look like after using the The Horizon Fitness T100 Treadmill from

What an extreme transformation! But that's the transformation I intend to have. I firmly believe that with the right tools, and hard work, anything is possible. I've got the drive, I just need the right tool! And I know that the right tool for me is a treadmill from Hayneedle!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Bookieboo and Hayneedle Treadmill blogging program, making me eligible to win a treadmill. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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