Monday, January 31, 2011

Mamavation Monday-Busted My Kinda Sorta Plateau

This week I was BAD. I mean REALLY bad. At least according to myself. But I could have been way worse I suppose.

Because of my teeny tiny loss of 0.4 last week. I was discouraged this week--yet I was also determined to figure out what the heck was going on with my body. So I changed things up a bit.

This past week started with a piece of cake. As previously written about, that wiped out more than 1/2 of my weekly overflow points. Then I did well most of the week with a serious break in the chain on Friday. On Friday we had a staff in-service, which typically means lots of junky food.

The day started with good intentions. The night before, I packed my lunch for the next day. I ate my typical breakfast of oatmeal, diced apple, and cinnamon. All was going good, or so I thought.

Upon walking into the meeting room, I am smacked in the face with a wonderfull smell. A smell, I have not smelt in a VERY long time. DONUTS. Knowing that I was not going to be able to be satisfied with my Fiber Plus bar while staring down the barrel of the donut gun, I gave in. I ate 4 Munchkin donuts. 1 of each flavor. Down went a glazed, then a chocolate, then a powdered sugar, and finally the spiced. Portion control, I thought to myself. 4 little donuts are better than one big donut right? However, I was satisfied, and did not go back up to the table.

Then lunch time came. The Cookie Lady catered (if you can't tell trouble is coming just based on her name). I took my lunch that I had packed out of the fridge and started to get strange looks from my co-workers. To avoid looking like a freak, I decided that I would eat what they were having. We had a choice of meat or veg lasagna. I chose the veg and it was in tomato not cream sauce, so I felt like I scored a little. Ceasar Salad, tossed in dressing--I only ate about 1 cup. And then came the cookie. I only took one. A small one. And that was my lunch--and I felt like less of a freak.

But then the Pièce de résistance of my diet failure came in the afternoon. One of our board members owns Vicki's ice cream. So it was only natural that we have a make your own sundae bar. And who can resist homemade ice cream? Well, I couldn't at that moment. I took a pre-apportioned vanilla cup (had about 1c or 2 scoops in it) and topped it with Reese's peanut butter cups. I'm not going to lie. It was really good. Despite all of the guilt I was feeling.

And that was that. I left work, went home, and got back on track and stayed on track for the rest of the week. To my suprise when I weighed in yesterday, I had LOST 1.4 lbs! How the heck did that happen? I don't know, I just hope that it doesn't catch back up to me at the coming weeks weigh in!

As for excercise this week. I decided that I wouldn't do anything too intense this week, because I didn't think I was eating enough on WW for TurboFire, hence my crappy loss last week. So I only worked out 2 days this week. I took my son to the mall and mall walked with him in the stroller for an hour on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Until next week! Best of Loss to the Sistahood!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mamavation Monday-The Incredible Shrinking Woman

This week was a long one. Riddled with victories and minor setbacks.

First things first. I lost 0.4 lbs this week. Kind of disheartened about that, I stayed on target (Weight watchers)all week and worked out (TurboJam and TurboFire Hybrid). So I'm down a total of 5.4 lbs in the last 3 weeks. Not nearly as much as I'd hoped. :\

All of this week, I've been really nervous. My unemployed husband was offered a job for less than half of what he was making before and he took it. Kinda peeved about that. He starts today. This now leaves me with the emotional turmoil of fearing for his safty (I don't want to disclose what he'll be doing, but it involves having to carry a firearm--and it's legal--[if you have to carry a gun, that makes me think that you are signing up to be shot at--worried]), and who is going to watch our son. But I have not turned to food. I'm a nervous wreak, but still have not sunk to emotional eating. I refuse to let this derail me from getting healthy. So I'm counting that as a victory.

Also, we spent yesterday meeting my husband's 1/2 sister, and her daughter for the first time. He comes from a long line up of illigimate children on his father's side (winner i know-he doesn't talk to his dad). Which of course lead to eating since we got together for lunch. What I had, wasn't the greatest for me, salad with FF Italian and LF Feta, chicken tenders breaded in RF Cheez-its, and tater tots, but I watched my portions. The down fall was the cake. I didn't check the calories on it before I ate it--I should have. 400 FLIPPIN CALORIES. I wanted to throw up. But I ate it, and got back on the wagon for dinner. The first time I haven't let one meal ruin my whole day. So I'm counting that as a small setback with a HUGE victory!

Today, I'm still on the wagon. Eating lots of high fiber fruits and veggies, oats, whole grains, and my FAV Chocolate Peanutbutter FiberPlus Bar for a snack! Yum Yum Yum! If you want to check out the Fiber Plus bars here they are

Wishing you all a fab week!

Disclaimer: I’m writing this post as an entry to a blogging carnival sponsored by Fiber Plus. I will be receiving free product in return.

Monday, January 10, 2011

1 Week Down and Still Going Strong!

Yay!!! I can finally share a victory with you guys! This week I lost 2.2lbs! Yahoo! Sorry, I'm really excited!

Anyway, I stayed on target all week this week. I even declined going to a party this past weekend, because I knew there would be heavy drinking going on there, and you know you can't be around sloshed people without being a little sloshed yourself! Hehe!

But the important part is that I did it. This week I'm working on scheduling my excersize. I bought a Groupon, DM me on twitter @LisaVFitness if you want to know what that is, for Jazzercise. 2 Months unlimited classes for $39! A steal! And I have a friend who is going to go with me! Support and Accountability!

So it looks like things are on the up and up on the weight loss front with me. Wishing everyone health, motivation and happiness in the next week!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! (Mamavation Monday)

It's a new year, and this year is going to include a new me. I'm DONE making excuses. My son will be turning 1 in March, so there is no reason why my "baby weight" should not be gone by now. The holidays are over, and there are no monumental "eating holidays" until Easter. This should give me adequate time to achive enough success to power through.

So instead of just talking about all of the good I'm going to do, I committed. I joined Weight Watchers January 1st. This means that I am PAYING HARD EARNED CASH to loose weight. Money is extremly tight in my family right now, so spending money is a BIG deal. I'm only working part-time and my husband is unemployed. Thus, my time with Weight Watchers is a BIG deal.

So far, I've been on target for the past 3 days. Eating PERFECTLY. I've been in a workout rut though. I've been trying to sneak something in, but my son has learned to throw fits. (THIS IS AN EXCUSE. I KNOW.) So, I'm going to fit something in today. Even if that means bundling up the babe and myself like little Inuit people and taking a walk. I'm getting moving!

See You Ladies Next Week! I know that you all can do whatever resolution/goal you have set your mind to!