Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get Ready To Bust A Move!

From time to time, I like a to take a little break from my health and fitness journey to introduce you to something that I think is truly great, and a great bargain! Remember, life is more than being physically fit, but also emotionally and financially fit as well! That is why, when it came to saving my sanity on my wedding day, I trusted Dramatic Dimensions Entertainment.

Way back, In October 2008, my husband and I had our Wedding Reception at a barn in Ann Arbor, MI. It was a spectacularly beautiful yet awkward venue. With 20ft vaulted ceilings and gymnasium lighting, it seemed that having appropriate lighting for a wedding was going to be impossible. But, Dramatic Dimensions had us covered. They were able to work within the awkward space and provided with us with ambient lighting during dinner, and festive "party" lighting complete with disco ball, during dancing. It was incredible!

And that was just the lighting!

The music was awesome too! Our guests kept going on and on about how our reception was the most danceable reception that they had been to in a long time. The song catalog that Dramatic Dimensions has is incredible. I swear, they have just about every song--EVER! You can browse the complete selection online and compose your own unique playlist, as well a specify what songs you DON'T want to hear on your special day. So if you hate the Macarena, you won't have to hear it!

But the real sanity savers of Dramatic Dimensions are the owners and DJs Mike and Joe.
These guys know their stuff. They are extremely professional, got back to us in a timely manner when we had questions, and devoted the time to our event that you just won't get from corporate chains.
They also know how to keep the party going, late in the evening, after most of our guests had already gone home, Mike and Joe kept pumpin' the jams and keeping the few of us that had stuck around entertained. With permission, they busted out the Limbo stick, and we had a blast!

I loved working with Dramatic Dimensions for my wedding, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a stellar DJ service! Chose them, you won't regret it. I don't!

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