Monday, May 23, 2011

Mamavation Monday-Cough. Sneeze. Hack.

This week has been a little on the rough side.

Let's start with the good news. I lost 0.2 lbs this week. Whether it was from actual work or cutting my hair off, I'll never know.


A serious victory occured yesterday. I FIT BACK INTO MY PANTS FROM HIGH SCHOOL! And I'm excited. Can you tell?

Despite my victory, I've been horrifically sick this weekend. I have a sinus infection from hell. Coughing, sneezing, sandpaper thoat, green goo, fever--I'm having my ass handed to me. Needless to say, I haven't been moving as much as I should, since I can barely breathe when I'm sitting still.

BUT- yesterday I walked 3.5 miles, in the hot sun, barely breathing, with a fever of 101.  I made a promise that I was going to do a 5k on May 22nd to complete the Walk-It Challenge for Weight Watchers. And though I didn't drive 45 minutes from my house to do an actual race, I still did my 5k--and then some. So take that sinus infection.


The Mamavation Monday Question (brought to you by GruntStyle) of the week is:

What keeps you from having healthy snacks on hand when you are out of the house?

I have a hard time keeping healthy snacks on hand while I'm out and about because most of my snacks are parishable. I favor string cheese and cut up fruit, which I prefer cold. But I don't feel like dragging around a humongo cooler just to keep some pineapple rings and a string cheese cold. Blah.

I know there are more portable snacks out there. Like nuts and granola, but they tend to have higher calorie counts so I tend to stay away from them. I like it when the scale goes down--so a calorie, is a calorie, is a big ol' fat creatin' flippin' calorie. :)

I'd love to know if you guys have any suggestions of portable snacks for me! I get bored easily and love to try new things to switch it up. So get at your girl! :)

Wishing you all a most wonderful week.

Also, if you could say a prayer, do a dance, send up good ju-ju, whatever you do, my husband got called back for a second interview for a job we desperately need. So here's hopin' and prayin'! Thanks!

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  1. Congrats on the loss and the walk. I hope you are feeling better :)