Monday, May 16, 2011

Mamavation Monday: Confessions


Well, somehow Monday didn't exsist on planet Lisa last week, so let me catch you up on the last two weeks of my journey.

Last week, I hit a milestone the day before Mother's Day. 15 lbs down. And that put me just over 2 lbs away from losing 10% of myself.

Then, Mother's Day I rewarded myself, with food; chicken, potato salad, cake, rolls, cheese and crackers. I made dinner for my family and In-Laws and seemed to eat the majority of it myself. Big mistake. That one little slip, led to a deluge for the rest of the week. This week's weigh in said that I GAINED 3.2 lbs! I nearly had a heart attack. I'm blaming it on the fact that I was wearing jeans when I weighed, and not just my usual yoga pants and t-shirt. But I know that I can't blame all of that weight on my wardrobe, some of it has to be attached to my ass, and thighs, and bat wings.

So I had a final hurrah yesterday. Mexican. Somehow, despite all that I've learned about portion control, when I get take out-I eat the whole damn thing. Thats why I typically refrain from take-out. And will once again be refraining until I learn to control myself. If anyone has any suggestions on this, PLEASE! Leave me a comment! I'm like a bottomless pit when it comes to Chinese, Mexican, and any form of cake. A taste, just makes me want more and more and more!
Myself, Lil P, and DH in front to THE Detroit Zoo Fountain
But here's the deal. I'm back on track starting today. I'm going to meet and exceed the 15 lb mark. I want that 10% so bad I can taste it. And let me just say, it tastes sweeter than cake. I'm back to logging what passes my lips, and working out. This past week I walked for the Arthritis Foundation @ The Detroit Zoo (it was lil P's first trip to the zoo). A 5k. The only problem- I couldn't resist the damn bagels that they were passing out, though I did skip the brownies. Thank god.

Lil P with "Auntie" Andrea, she suffers from R.A.

And this coming weekend I'll be a Christian supporting The Walk for Isreal on Saturday and doing a Weight Watchers 5k on Sunday. And since the Walk for Isreal isn't until 1pm, I'm thinking about doing The Race for The Cure on Saturday morning. Is this too ambitious? The following weekend I'm thinking about doing The Support Our Troops Walk.

Overall, I'm hoping that all of this walking on top of working out will create a maxium shrinkage in ass size this week. I'll keep you posted.


In your wellness efforts what is the simplest healthy habit that makes you feel most centered after doing it?

I really had to think about my answer for this one. But after great pondering, I really think the simplest healthy habit that I've developed that I feel most centered after is drinking tea.

I'm not much of a yogi, I'm too competative. And apparently, that's not what yoga is about?!?! Hehe. So I chillax with a cup of tea. I don't sweeten it with anything, it's just hot water and a tea ball full of herbs. So it's just me, mellowing out, with a tummy full of antioxidants! Pretty darn simple and healthy, to feel so centered afterwards.

**I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win a pair of Earth Footwear sandals.**


  1. I have the same problem with certain foods (mine are Italian, bread/cheese, and chocolate), they are total red-light foods for me! Good for you and getting back on track this week.
    Wow, you are going to be walking up a storm this weekend! Remember to do major hydrating, and have lots of fun!

  2. I love it when healthy is simple. Good for you.



  3. you know what I love about you is that you saw what happen talked about it and are ready to work this week!!!! hugs!!!

  4. Way to go on hitting milestones! And trust me, many days don't exist on Planet Virginia.

  5. healthy should be simple - many try to make it SO complicated!

    I love chilaxing with some tea too :)

    Have a great week