Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mamavation Tuesday- Can't I Ever Be On Time?

So truth be told, this post has been ready, and sitting in my inbox since Saturday, but once again I'm late. UGH! But you have to forgive me, It's my birthday! So you can't be too upset with the birthday girl, riiiight? So onto my on time, turned late, post:

Whoa, what a week. Tradgedy and triumph all smashed into 7 days. I've been full swept into the media sensationalism of the Boston bombings this past week, all the way to singing along to Niel Diamond at the Red Sox game, and here I am in Michigan. Proof positive that the entire US was thinking about Boston this past week.
In my corner of the world, the end of the semester is nearing it's close. Whooohooo! I am literally going to jump for joy after it's over. I've had a doozy of a semester, one class more than the other. So I'm glad that it will be over and I'll officially have 1 year of library school under my belt. I was awarded the Elizabeth James-Bath Endowed Scholarship this past Tuesday, and it's really going to assist with school in the fall. However, I'm still hoping to attain a full-ride graduate professional scholarship so that I can finish my schooling this coming year, and be a REAL "LICENSED" LIBRARIAN! I'll find out in May if I recived that, but May can't come soon enough.
So amidst the stress and choas of the final portions of the semester, I've discovered that being gluten and dairy free is actually causing me to gain weight, since for the most part GF carbs are way more caloricly dense than non-GF carbs. The bread that I made had a whopping 170 calories A SLICE! So much for eating a sandwhich! So I just decided to return to sweating, and the yogurt and cheese I've been eating hasn't been hurting my belly, so that's a win. I have still been staying away from milk, and think I might be an almond milk convert for life. I am missing my skinny-cow ice cream though.
Despite all of the choas of this past week, I rejoined Weight Watchers again--just for a little "in-person" accountability. It worked the last time I did it, until I got bored. But since, I'm really, really, fed up about not fitting into my jeans and clothes not looking right, and fat rolls, blah, blah you get the picture, there's nothing I can do but pick-up and try, try again. So I am. Again.


  1. Ha, I love what you did with this post... I've had a few near-Tuesdays in my past too. Congrats on the scholarship, that's awesome! As for GF DF, I know all about it. It does depend on what you're cooking with. FYI, if you use Bob's garbanzo flour, that's beans, so you are really packing the nutrition punch for your calories. Almond flour? Lots of nutrition, but nuts so.... I do find it healthier (as opposed to less fattening) then the bread on the counter. How about spelt? I have no idea on that one - not GF but healthy. Or sprouted grains? For me, it's all about bang for your caloric buck.

  2. I just rejoined a few weeks ago and I am glad I did. I really need that face time to help me out along with the face the scale mentality. Good luck and keep us updated on how it goes