Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sigh of Relief!

This week was a tough one. I was really bad, as shown by my last post. However, I burried my "bad week" last night. I had some healthy Jimmy John's for dinner--didn't get my favorite -- The Vito. But my NEW favorite, Tom Turkey. And I made a decision that tomorrow was the day that I was getting out of this rut.

For those of you that don't already know this. Sundays are my weigh in day at Weight Watchers. I weighed in this morning and didn't gain! I'm counting that as a success after last week! But it's definitely NOT an excuse to quit getting closer to my weight loss goals!

This Weight Watchers meeting also couldn't have come at a better time. I figured out that one of my main problems is that I'm bored with eating healthy. And that was the theme of this week. My leader gave us all kinds of ideas for new and different foods to change it up a bit. I remembered that I LOVE these veggie burgers that I get as Costco, so after my meeting I went and picked some up.

This past week and the coming weeks, I'm going to heed Leah's advice. She posted a Facebook post about lifting weights and how much easier it was to lose weight after she did. So I'm restarting ChaLEAN Extreme. AND I'm excited about it! Some of you might already know that she's my FAVORITE trainer EVER! And lifting weights is giving me an outlet for my stress, instead of eating my stress. (If you want to see what ChaLEAN Extreme is all about here's a video:

That said. I am officially back on the wagon. I'm taking the time tonight to go through my cookbooks and find some new healthy recipes. And update on the family: Aunt-doing okay, for as sick as she is. My cousin is in remission. My grandpa is home from the hospital. My grandma's shoulder is much "better" than originally thought, she'll heal just fine, and will just need physical therapy. And my good friend just had a traumatic brain injury, which is quite possibly the best case scenario for him and he's recovering well.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for all of us! Thanks for all of the support Sistas!


  1. Oh, Jimmy favorite is the #17 (thats as much as I want to out myself, lol).
    Super glad you are back in it. It can be frustrating to repeat the same things (food wise). Have you checked out the new WW cook book? They have some yummy things in there that are easy too.
    Good luck this week with your new arsenal of healthy eats!

  2. I'm glad you "saw the light" sotospeak, and are jumping back in fullforce. Good luck with this week!
    And I'm so glad that everybody listed in your family update is doing better/alright.

  3. I LOVE Chalene Johnson, she is one of the most inspirational leaders out there! I follow her on FB and Twitter and she gives some really great advice, not just for diet and weight loss but for life in general. I've found that focusing JUST on the diet/weight loss is a REALLY tough battle, but when you work hard to get ALL of your life in order, all the diet/exercise seems to fall in place a lot easier. That's why I really like Chalene's advice. I hope it does the trick for you and motivates you! :)

  4. I haven't seen the new WW cookbook. I saw it at costco today, but didn't feel like shelling out the bucks. I have a bunch from the last 3 years, and wasn't sure if it's anything I don't already have... :\

    Michelle-I'm restarting the 30 day challenge on March 1st. I need to get back in the to-do list habit!

  5. MMM...Tom Turkey with sprouts and avocado is my favorite. Good luck this week and Ilook forward to learning more about ChaLEAn Extreme from you.

  6. That's great that you've found a new resolve to eat healthy. It's so important in the whole scheme of things. I love that you're adding strength training in. Not only does it help one look awesome, but it feels great too. Congrats on maintaining in a week that you thought you would gain. Definitely a success!!

  7. I love your plan of putting your goals into action. I am not familiar with ChaLEAN, but will look her and her workouts up. Always looking for new inspiration.

    Yes, food can get boring and finding new favorites can help spice up your motivation. If you find a recipe you love, please share with us.
    Have a great week!

  8. We don't have Jimmy Johns here but it sounds like you made a nice healthy choice! I've been doing some cooking out of an older WW cookbook. It might not be the latest and greatest, but I know it's better than what I was cooking before! Keep up the good work! I'm so glad to hear that everyone seems to be on the mend.

  9. Eating well can be so boring. I'm glad you're switching it up a little but still staying healthy.
    I'm SO glad to hear your family members are doing better! I hope this week keeps getting more and more awesome. :)

  10. There is nothing wrong with a tune up with exercise and nutrition. You will come out stronger and a better you for it. Have a great week.

  11. good luck getting back on track i know you can do it hugs