Monday, November 15, 2010

Mamavation Monday! Down for the count?

Another week has gone by. However, I had to stop TurboFire in the middle of last week. I have a stress fracture in my left foot! Ouchie! I'm hoping it starts to feel better soon, because I've heard that it can takes months of rest to heal. Ahhh!

So far, I haven't gained any weight. But I haven't lost any either since this occurred. Which is discouraging. And since I'm at home being a couch potato because I am in pain, It's getting really hard not to binge eat. I swear when I'm not working out, I could eat the whole house. I guess this is further proof of the appetite suppressing quality of exercise.

I'm having a hard time coming up with ways to work out that don't involve me being up on my feet. The only things I can think of ab work and arm work. Any ideas?

I know the key to losing over this rest period is going to be watching my calories. Stay tuned to see how I do over the next couple weeks!


  1. I work on easy while you sit strength training when I have stress fracture flare ups in my left foot. Ouchie. Watch your dieting and drink a ton of water to help with the cravings till you can get back out there.

  2. I hope that stress fracture heals quickly. Those things are so annoying but you are smart to know you'll need to rest it for a while. You can recumbent cycle at the gym, swim laps, use an aqua jogger at the pool, isometrics.

  3. I guess you can't cycle on a recumbent cycle? You actually CAN cycle with one foot if you're not worried about people looking at you strangely!

    Yoga that doesn't involve being on your feet, uh...stretching, some leg exercises that don't use your foot like leg curl machines at the gym. Stuff like that?

    I'm the same way. When I don't work out. I'm hungry!! Hang in there.

  4. hi hugs i hope you heal up well, i know i was off my feet for awhile when i had ankle fracture and it was tough, I would suggest using dumbells for exercises. also maybe use a strech band and do exercises with that.

    for now just focus on your upper body and your diet its the only thing you can do whith the injury and once your doctor allowed lower body exercises start out slow and work up. my physical therapist had me doing stationary bike when i started out again with exercise then i worked up to elliptical

  5. Ugh. Sorry about the stress fracture. I pull a muscle in my hip yesterday when I was running. I can walk, but the impact of running is painful. Hoping we are both on the mend soon!

    So great to have in the Sistahood!