Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mother Knows Best

Holy Cow! I blinked and April is already half over! And you know how the old adage, April showers bring May flowers, just in time for mother's day! Okay, okay, so it really doesn't quite go like that, but moms do like to get flowers for mother's day. 

 But sadly flowers die, and memories last a lifetime. I know that I would much prefer a keepsake or memento that I can keep for ever, to some flowers that will wilt and die, and stink up my house, because I enevitably won't change thier water until it's green. Whoops.

The reason I am so fond of mementos and keepsakes is because I don't have as many memories of my mother as most, she passed away when I was eight. But I always look at pictures of us together, and things she bought for me, and I know that she's still here, watching over me.

Though I was too young when my mother passed to ever have any parenting advice passed on from her, I've received copious amounts of advice from her. The kind of advice that can only been seen from an adult, and mother's perspective. For example, the biggest lesson on parenting that my mother instilled in me is to love your kids, but to always remind them that mother knows best.

To be honest, I never really took that piece of advice to heart, or even cared about it until I became a mother myself. In fact, I often found myself testing that sage piece of advice, and I assure you, I'm getting "paid back" for when my son tests me and my patience.

I often find myself telling him that if he would just listen to me, life would be much simpler. Less hard, and less horrible, especially when he's in the middle of a temper tantrum. That I love him, and that I wouldn't say the things I say, or do the things I do, if I didn't.

And as simple as that sounds, hearing those types of things from my mom when I was younger, let me know that she cared about me, and instilled in me a confidence and appreciation for her that I can only now see as an adult.

It's also fun to reflect back on, and to have those, "Ugh, I sound like my mother" moments. But, I always know that when I have those moments and reflections, they are filled with love.

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