Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Mamavation Monday!

It's Monday, and I FINALLY have some great news for you! Though I've got to keep it short and sweet.

First off, Lil P is still sick, but gradually, and I mean gradually, getting better. BUT, I'm not eating myself happy over it anymore! Score!

AND, I'm back to taking my weight loss seriously! I've worked out for the past two days and ate well for the past two days as well. Double Score!

I look forward to posting a heck of a loss next week!


  1. Keep in going. You can get up to being a workout diva 5 times a week and eating healthy 7 times a week. WTG!

  2. Sounds like your doing great! Keep it up! I worked out hard saturday and sunday and let me tell love handles are feeling it! lol

  3. Glad to see you back on track. I hope Lil P is back to better by this weekend. That has to be stressful on you.