Monday, May 21, 2012

Mamavation Monday-Things are looking up

As you probably read last week. I declared myself a compulsive overeater by joining Overeaters Anonymous last week. And I have great news, I have been what "OAers" call abstinent for 7 days now

Every OAer's "diet" portion of the program is different, because we all have different "triggers". For me, I've been staying away from sugar, watching my portions-particularly of the unrefined carbs that I've been eating, and being mindful of how full I am when I do eat. I've been eating 3 meals a day. No snacks. I'm doing this because it allows me to feel what actual, legitimate hunger paings feel like. Which is something that as an overeater, I am unfamiliar with because I'm normally eating by emotion, or when I think I should eat because the clock says so-not when I am actually hungry.

I can't lie though, these past 7 days have been HARD. I swear, I've thought about food every second, from the time I woke up, to the time I went to bed. But not just any food. First it was cupcakes. Then it was a  Frozen Carmel Mocha from Biggby Coffee, the craziest part-I DON'T EVEN LIKE COFFEE! But OAers that stay abstinent tell me that it gets better, so I'm having faith in that, praying to my higher power, and attending meetings. I also think that being abstinent is easier for me to stick to than a "diet" or a "lifestyle change" because OA made it clear to me that I don't just want to be skinny, but that I have a disease, a compulsion to overeat that is preventing me from being skinny/healthy/insert other positive word here; and I refuse to succumb to a disease. I have to treat it, and the way to treat the disease of compulsive overeating is to remain abstinent. So that's what I'm going to do.

I think the biggest motivator is that the hard work of abstinence is paying off. This week I lost 3.4 pounds! AND one of my coworkers came up to me and told me that my pants are starting to look baggy! Score!

This week I'm going to work on:
  • Staying abstinent
  • Working out more
  • Working more of the steps
  • Finding a church, so I can continue to grow spiritually
Wishing all of you a fabulous week!

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  1. Good for you! I sometimes wonder if I actually have a problem considering the obsessive feeling I have about candy/sweets/chocolate. I've been told it's my body's need for energy, but I think it's a bigger problem than that. Kudos to you for recognizing the problem and doing something to fix it. :)

  2. Amazing job on being 7 days!!!

    HAve you heard of the 7daychip group on twitter? I see it occasionally. Maybe you could check that out too!

  3. PS I see a lot of complaints about capatcha codes. Many blogging expertes advise against them and I noticed you have capatcha :)

  4. You are doing great! It's awesome that you found something that you've found something that works for you and that you are finding success with it! :)

  5. Great job on your 7 days and the weight loss :)

  6. You are awesome. Phenomenal, actually. I'm so glad you've gotten involved with OA and are making such wonderful progress. Way to go!

  7. I can't imagine what a big step that was for you to go to OA.. I assume that like with any addiction, that first step is uber hard and you did it! Sure there will be bumps in the road, but you've already done the hard part and that was recognizing the issue. Kudos to you for striving to make a better you.. Here's to 7 more days!

  8. AWESOME weight loss!!!! I love reading about your updates with OA. Continued success!

  9. Your doing such a wonderful job. So very proud of you and such a motivation.

    Congrats on all your efforts they are shining through.