Monday, December 27, 2010

'Twas the Week After Christmas--Mamavation Monday

'Twas the Week After Christmas, and all through my house every creature was stirring to burn off those holiday pounds.

Christmas was filled with pitfalls for me. I did well with the alcohol, which is what usually causes me to overeat. However, my major downfall this week was the food that was everywhere and my proximity to it.

My "game plan" usually involves serving myself, then putting the food away. I NEVER put food out on the table to let people serve themselves. I always leave the food in the kitchen, and then go out to the table to eat. When I don't have the food sitting in front of me, I'm less likely to keep helping myself to more.

But guess what--everywhere I went this weekend there were tables full of food. My in-laws, my dad's house, my mother's extended family. I felt like I just couldn't escape! I tried to utilize many of my other tactics like shrimp cocktail and drinking lots of water. But it just wasn't working.

All and all, I had a rough weekend. But I'm getting back on track today. I'm starting my "New Year's" workout plan early--today. I see no reason why I should wait another week to do something good for myself. And I'm making a better effort to eat healthfully. You won't find any food waiting for me on my dining room table!


  1. Fabulous tip! I have a kitchen/dining area, so I think only setting up food during meals would be a good variation. All day grazing is better left to the cows in the field. :)

    Good luck with your New Year's Workout plan. Post it. I would love to see how you plan on kicking off a great 2011.

  2. Sometimes the thing that shows our healthy lifestyle the best? Is getting back on the horse the monday after a holiday weekend. So. Let's do it.

  3. yeah, food has been hunting me too. I am just trying to compensate by working out every day. Good luck with the new plan. Are you consider joining any Mamavation challenges?

  4. ouch hope that things go better for you now that the holidays are over hugs