Monday, December 6, 2010

Mamvation Monday-Chaining myself back on the wagon.

Pie. Brownies. Cookies. Chips. Dip. Crackers. Mashed Potatos. Rolls. The list goes on and on. This is my confession of the things I have put in my mouth in large unhealthy amounts this week.

I now know why people have such a hard time losing weight, or at least not putting any weight on over the holiday season. There is food EVERYWHERE! And for a food addict like myself, this is a really bad situation.

I thought I had everything all planned out. I planned how I was going to excute Thanksgiving. I planned what I would and wouldn't eat for Hanukkah. I'm planning for Christmas (yes, I do celebrate both). But, the problem that I'm finding is that I can't plan just for the holidays. The holiday food, lasts the entire holiday season. Which of course leads to all of those extra calories adding up. I know I don't have to eat this stuff, but it's just so hard not to. It's been tradition for years. And it makes me happy. And then I am sad because I ate it all. And then I eat to cheer myself up again. It's a vicious cycle.

So I'm trying something different this week. Instead of just counting calories, I busted out my old points slider and am going to try doing weight watchers again. Everytime, I have done it, I have lost a good 30lbs plus. I know if I can just stick to the plan for a week and see a decent loss, I will continue in my efforts.

I am also going to get back on the workout wagon this week. Now that my husband has taken up doing odd jobs and is hardly ever home, and my son has gone from 2 naps a day to 1. I'm having difficulty finding the time to workout. So my goal this week is to be more active. It's getting colder and snowier here in Michigan, so my Sketchers toning shoes have hit the closet, but now that I know that Earth Footwear makes boots for toning, I really need to figure out how to get my hands on a pair (If you would like to gift me a pair, here's the website: I really like the "Invent"-size 10 please :)). Earth's boots would make bundling up the baby and trudging through the snow a whole lot more comfy!

This weeks goal synopsis:
1. Loose at least 2 lbs with Weight Watchers.
2. Recommit to at least 30 mins of excercise a day.
3. Get some hot new Earth Footwear boots to make walking in the snow super cozy.


  1. You should try the new WW program. I've been doing it for three days so far and really like it. I feel like it's going to really break my long-term plateau!

    The points are calculated differently, but you get more points a day and more flex points per week, plus all fruit and most veggies are free. (potatoes, corn, and avocado are still counted with points)

    It does seem a little more complicated than the old plan, but I think it's just because it's new. I am definitely eating more fruits and veggies though.

  2. Hey, I'm a new visitor! Yes, temptation sucks! Its so hard, espcially this time of the year. With yummy treats and comfort food, its hard to stay away from unhealthy foods. There has to be some balance. And yes now that its gotten cold working out is a challenge. Do you have any workout dvds you like? What about exercise classes near you? I remember when my daughter was younger and took naps, I would take advantage of her time napping to just do nothing. And it felt good! Good luck this week, you can do it!

  3. It's hard when holiday food is all around - a little bite here, a nibble there and it all adds up before we realize.

    I think your WW points plan will really help you to keep everything in check!

    Good luck this week!

  4. I hear ya on the nap front. I have two little ones... neither sleep at the same time and my toddler is really fighting naps. It makes my afternoon a long battle. Stick with trying. The naps get better and your life will readjust. I think I hit a readjustment cycle with the kiddos ever couple of months, but I am hoping the yoga with kids focus tonight will make working out easier.

    Have a great week! I know you will do great and have lots to report next week.

  5. I understand how the holiday food is so hard to pass up, unfortunately! I am the same way :(
    You have a good plan though, I hope it is successful for you.
    The transition in two naps to one was a hard one for me to get used to.
    Hope things get easier for you!

  6. where in michigan are you? I didn't know you were in my state I'm in southern MI an hour south of lansing

    good luck with your goals this week

  7. Nutrition is the hardest part for me. I think the biggest part is setting up a plan to tackle those vices that we have and you are doing a great job setting those goals. Good Luck.

  8. I am not into counting points, Lisa, and I wouldn't eliminate all the bad stuff, but limit it to the minimum. Allow yourself to have a little. Than you will stay away from the so-so stuff and save it for the good stuff. It will be easier to stay on the wagon