Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting my burn on--with the FIRE!

Last Monday, I committed. I am going to put all of my energy into getting back down to a healthy pre-baby weight (before I was lucky if I was putting in 50%). I gained almost 60 lbs while I was pregnant with my son. 40 of that sixty I had JUST lost before getting pregnant! Ugh! But like I said, I committed to a new and improved healthier lifestyle.

Since then, I have followed the TurboFire workout schedule to a T. And I have been doing my best to eat clean while keeping my calories in check. I've been using to log all of my food, for me it is easier than writing it down and having to calculate everything out. AND thier database is HUGE!

And I must say all of my work has paid off! I am down 4.6 pounds this week! Ow Ow! But more importantly I feel phenomenal!

My little commital to my cause of loosing weight also inspired my husband to jump on the bandwagon with me. He has re-started P90X. Sometimes he gripes about how challenging it is and the pain he is in the next day. I also can be known the gripe about the burn I feel from TF. But he and I both know that that kind of "pain" is the best kind of pain.

Though losing weight and feeling better about ourselves is awesome, I think the best part is that we're in it together!

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  1. You are doing awesome. I also am using It is awesome. I have been doing it for 3 1/2 months and have lost 32lbs. I have a ways to go , but I am getting there. I agree doing it together is great. Keep up the good work