Monday, November 21, 2011

Mamavation Monday-Being a Thanksgiving Loser

Well, this week went by quickly! But I've got somewhat good news. I lost 1.4 lbs this past week, not the whole 2.2lbs that I was hoping for. But I guess that's still a loss, it makes my total 23 lbs down since I joined Mamavation. And 8.2 since the beginging of October. This week, I've been training hard core for my 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.  However, last night, I found out that I might be over-training. Oops.

Example: Saturday, I went from basically no running to a 45 minute run. Just got in my head and pushed it out. I ACHED the next day--still am actually. Then, I did TurboFire last night. And since I'm no longer living in an apartment worried about the people underneath me, I went BALLS OUT. For real. I jumped. I ski-three-kneed. I Air-Jacked. I Jack-Tucked. (I've never done these "intenser" moves, I always followed the modifier) Afterward, I coughed up a lung, and then wheezed for the rest of the night. Today, I'm raspy, but I'm going out running after work.

I think we need an episode of MamavationTV that talks about over training, it might be the kick in the pants I need to not torture myself. :) I just don't want to disappoint my brother--have him sign up to do it with me, and then run a half mile and walk the rest. Not cool.

The Mamavation Question of the Week, Sponsored by Eco-Foil.

What is your plan to avoid overindulging during holiday feasts?

This year, I actually have a plan, a two phase plan actually, which is better than I can say about years previous.

This year, my plan starts with the prep. I'm not going to be making the standard high sugar, high fat fare that I normally do. I've found new recipes that focus on healthy whole foods that I'm going to use instead. For Thanksgiving in particular, instead of canned cranberry sauce, I'm making orange cranberry relish, instead of green bean cassarole, we'll be serving steamed green beans, instead of sweet potato cassarole with marshmellows and butter, I'm making roasted sweet potatoes with cumin.

But just because I'm making healthier alternatives, I know that there's still not room to eat 10,000 lbs worth of roasted sweet potatoes! So I'm dividing my plate into sections. Half my plate is going to be devoted to non-starchy veggies, a quater of my plate to protien, and a quarter of my plate to a starch. Since, I'm not skipping the roasted sweet potatoes, I'm giving up my dinner roll. I'm also allowing myself a small dessert. I think I deserve it after running a 5k that morning. :)

I think the biggest part of my plan, I guess that truthfully means there's three parts, is that Thanksgiving Day, Is a DAY. It's not a week or a month. Same with Chirstimas, and New Year's. They are just one day, one day, to have food that you might not normally have, not an excuse to eat your way through the entire holiday season. I'm sending my leftovers home with others, and/or taking them to work the next day, and being mindful of the other things I will be consuming on the "regular" days of the year.

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  1. I love your idea about an episode of Mamavation TV about over-training! and it sounds like you have an amazingly great plan :) WTG!

  2. I can't even do Turbo Fire, totally kicks my butt to places it's not ready to go yet!!! But, I love it!!! I'm also doing a 5K Thursday morning, but it will be all walking, I'm in no position to run. If I can get it done in under an hour, I'll be happy :)